Kawasaki Chrome Wheels

We keep a wide variety of chrome wheels in stock for all brands of Japanese sport bikes.  These wheels are sold on an exchange basis.  Each set of wheels comes complete with the bearings and dust seals already installed.  All you have to do is mount your brake rotors and tires and watch all the looks your new ride gets.  All of our chrome is show quality triple plating. The chrome process involves the following steps:

  • Chemically cleaned and stripped.
  • Dipped in copper, which acts as a filler for all the minor scratches and fills in the natural high and low spots.
  • Dipped in nickel, which acts as a base coat for the chrome.
  • Dipped three times in the highest quality chrome.
  • Buffed polished to a show quality shine. 

Beware of other chrome companies offering their services.  Not everyone goes to the pain taking expense and steps as we do for our customers.  Once you have seen our chrome work, you will agree, there is a difference, and a reason you should have all your chrome work done by Simmons Motorworks.  We also give a 1-year warranty in writing on all of our chrome work!  So you can be assured to get the highest quality chrome you deserve.