Suzuki M109R (VZR1800) Chrome Inventory > 2006 - 2017 Suzuki M109R Chrome Gear Drive Hub Assembly
2006 - 2017 Suzuki M109R Chrome Gear Drive Hub Assembly

Price: $294.00
Availability: Call for availability
Prod. Code: SUZ9HA

This gear drive hub fits the 2006 - 2017 Suzuki M109R (VZR1800) models. This gear drive hub will come complete, as shown in the pictures, with the two different needle bearings and one fresh oil seal already installed in it. These two needle bearings require specialty tools to remove them and then to install fresh ones after the completion of the chrome process. These bearings and service are included in the price of the chrome hub. The three "plugs" shown in the pictures as part of the hub assembly can be sold separately at a cost of $3.00 each or purchased as part of the hub assembly for the price of $294.00.

The Suzuki M109R parts are some of the most difficult parts to chrome plate, due to the VERY poor casting methods used by Suzuki to manufacture these items. The cast used to make these parts produces a heavy pitting problem on the surface of the item. This heavy pitting on the surface of the part is concealed by Suzuki by applying a very thick silver colored powder coat paint on the surface of the part. This heavy pitting is only noticeable when this powder coat is stripped off the part when we begin the chrome process. All M109R parts have this sever pitting problem. However, there are no two parts exactly alike. Some parts are better and some parts are worse, but all the M109R parts do have these casting flaws. To alleviate these flaws as much as possible, the parts are left in our copper tank for extended periods of time and the copper will act as a "filler" and smooth out the surface of the parts. We do like to be as honest with our customers as possible, so due to this unpredictability in Suzuki's manufacturing method, we tell our customers, that there is no such thing as a perfectly chromed cast part. However, due to our years of experience, we have perfected the chrome process of the M109R parts to the point that these minor imperfections are usually not noticeable unless viewing the part within a very close distance to your face. We have extremely satisfied customers all over the United States including many members of the infamous M109R forum and our promise to you is, "give us the opportunity to earn your business and you will be glad you did".